Embark on a collective journey toward excellence as we tailor workshops, conferences, and talks to redefine your team's approach to management. Whether you're a newly appointed leader navigating uncharted waters or a seasoned manager seeking to break free from stagnant habits, I'm here for you.

  • Talks: Immerse your audience in personalized talks that delve into key management challenges. Are you grappling with the delicate balance of friendliness and authority? Do you find it challenging to say 'no' when needed? These are common struggles I understand. Recently, we had the privilege of sharing insights about "Increasing Efficiency for Middle-class Managers" at the Managers Fit Summit 2023 in Paris.

  • Workshops & Training: Dive into management excellence through immersive sessions that go beyond conventional talks. We incorporate interactive exercises, valuable exchanges, and post-event follow-ups. Together, we address challenges such as the transition from a boss to a coach, efficient delegation, and more. What specific hurdles is your team facing?


Let's start a conversation about 'your' challenges. I believe in collaboration, tailoring talks, workshops, and training to meet the distinct needs of your reality. What areas do 'you' feel need the most attention?

A Commitment to Your Team's Growth

With an understanding of the challenges faced by middle-class managers, I bring a unique perspective. As the author of 'Memoirs of a Zen Manager' and the creator of 'A Different Take on Time Management' on Udemy Business, your shoes are known. I am here to guide, share, and collaborate on a journey that transforms the approach to leadership and management.


Francis presented to the members how humility is an essential quality for the Agile coach. There followed a fascinating discussion on the subject where Francis guided us towards a better understanding of the subject. In addition to presenting us with relevant and easily accessible material, Francis listened to reactions to positively fuel the discussions. We recommend his interventions.

- Michael O.

The training on the boss-coach transition sheds light on facilitating or constraining behaviors. The exercise offers a real reflection on what we want to become as a manager-coach and how we want to make a difference in the daily lives of our teams. Inspiring!

- Marie-Claude C.

Francis encourages managers to think about their role in different terms and to lay the foundations for a more humane and mobilizing management philosophy.

- Karine S.